There has been an increase in independent cafes in the recent past. The number of people who visit independent cafes has sharply increased. A study conducted in the UK revealed that there has been a 15% increase in independent cafes and the number of persons visiting these cafes has increased by 14% this year (2013). This survey, which involved polling over 2000 UK consumers, is a representation of what is going on in various other countries. Coffee has gained a lot of popularity because of its many health benefits and independent cafés the benefited from better sourcing and pricing of wholesale coffee.

These days, some people prefer having their favourite coffee flavour delivered to them in paper cups on the go. In other words, they place an order, then they tell their name, and after a few minutes, a cup of coffee is handed over to them. This means that they avoid the long seating waiting times of leading coffee shops in the major cities. This is just one of the reasons why there has been rapid rise in cafes in the recent past. This restaurant style service of many independent cafés allows a higher profit margin.

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