Summer Vacation! If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting all year for your summer vacation, eager to head to the beach for some fun in the sun or maybe to hang out by the pool. It really doesn’t matter what you do because the wait is over and it’s summertime! But hold on! Ugh! You forgot!! Vacations generally spell weight gain. In addition, vacation planning generally sees us going into denial, and thinking that this will be the year we don’t gain an ounce; this year we’re on top of it! Inevitably, when one of my clients leaves for vacation, she will say, “This time, I’ll lose a pound or two. If not, I’ll at least stay the same. This is almost always the kiss of death because when you’re overconfident, you go away without a plan.

Years ago, vacationing was a big problem for me. Since I was always fighting my weight and starving myself to maintain, it was nearly impossible to go anywhere and enjoy myself and still eat properly. I most often traveled to Spain to visit my family, and I remember one such trip when I was finally only eight pounds from my goal weight. I was feeling pretty good about myself and thought the three-week vacation would pose no problems; after all, I knew the routine and knew I could adapt to any situation. As was my habit when planning a trip to Spain, I dismissed any thoughts about what might become of my food plan when I got there. I mean, everyone in Spain is thin: they eat small portions of mostly fish and veggies. What’s there to worry about?

That year, I went to visit my grandparents. On the first day, my grandmother, BaBa, commented on how thin I was. I could clearly see that in comparison with everyone else, I was definitely the chubbier one; nevertheless, I figured that if BaBa thought I was too thin, then I must look better than I thought. And so, I ate accordingly! By the time I was ready to go home, I had outgrown my own clothes and was borrowing my aunt’s skirts! On the last day, I went to say goodbye to BaBa. “Ah,” she said, “that’s better. Now you look nice and healthy.” I felt huge and wondered how this had happened! It had only been three weeks. The food was so healthy.

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