Mineral makeup is rapidly gaining popularity due to the fact it contains minerals derived from planet earth. Cosmetic products made entirely of natural minerals, such as mica, titanium oxide, ultramarine & zinc. These minerals are finely ground, and have a little added color so that when applied with a makeup brush, you have an even, natural-looking layer of powder that provides a healthy glow to your beautiful brown skin.

This type of makeup is extremely popular with Women of Color & fairer skinned women alike because it is preservatives free & contains no dyes or chemicals that can irritate your skin, the types typically found in traditional cosmetic products. In recent years, the spotlight has focussed on the chemicals contained in makeup & many women are beginning to realize that their makeup is not doing their skin any favours. If you have suffered breakouts of acne or rash when using conventional products, or if you just want the lightest covering possible, maybe you should consider this type of makeup. It is great to wear and it nests perfectly with the current makeup trend that leans more towards the natural look. These products may just be the answer to a growing demand for natural products that do work. I have outlined the benefits to be gained from mineral makeup below.

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